Anger Management Worksheets Can Help During Grief

26 Oct

Part of the grief process is feeling sad or numb, feeling a lack of interest in pleasure and having difficulty concentrating.  In fact, one the stages of bereavement can include a time of angry reactions several times a day.  These are just a few of the characteristics of grief that mirror the symptoms of depression.  Often the depressing emotions associated with grief include anger.  This is because grief beat a person down from confidence to a sense of being vulnerable and unable to handle even small stressors.  This poses a problem because life is full of unavoidable stressors.

The result is that men and women experiencing grief can be angry much of the time.  The anger is a spin off of feeling overly stressed and frustrated.  This low stress-tolerance is a spin off of the sorrow of loss.

Recently, I noticed that there are anger management worksheets available  that can help a person in bereavement to work with their anger.  For some examples of anger management worksheets and how to use them see the anger management worksheets by Dr. Greg Hamlin.

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